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Influnate is a tool that allows you to send and receive money via social media. This makes it a truly unique universal service. You can easily give back to the people who are making your day. Simple. Fast. Safe. 


Sending and receiving money has never been so easy.

Donate as much as you want, wherever you want.


Create your Account

Your Influnate account is created in no time and completely free of charge.


Set up features for your stream

Set up alerts, donation-goals, TTS and much more according to your wishes and preferences. You can easily integrate them into your OBS or Xplit and use them immediately in your stream.


Donate via Social Media? But How?

It's simple! Influnate offers you the possibility to link many of your social media accounts and receive donations in the comments of your posts.

Highest security

No more fakedonations

Fully customisable

Small Fee (4%)

Your data is yours...

Two factor authentication

Double holds better.

SSL Certified

Our systems are leakproof.

Encrypting your data

GDPR Compliant.

"My cooperation with Influnate has been so successful because Influnate has been fully behind me from the beginning of the cooperation, has helped me quickly and straightforwardly at all times and their product is simply ingenious."
Deagal Remyr
"Working with Influnate has been a lot of fun from the beginning and the team is super friendly and very attentive".
"The cooperation with Mr. Wenig was very professional and goal-oriented from the beginning. Influnate offers a very good and fast service that helps creative artists in their daily business. We are looking forward to further projects and a long cooperation".
Elevate Media
Marketing und Management Agentur


With Influnate, you can easily and directly support your favourite artists, your favourite organisations or simply your favourite people. You can easily send a donation via a Direct Donation link or with a simple comment within your connected social networks.

To receive donations, all you need to do is connect your social media account to the supported platforms or share your direct donation link. This way, you can not only receive donations via a comment on social media platforms, but also directly and contactless via a personal link. This link can be used as a donation button on @twitch, for monetisation on @youtube, as well as in your @instagram, @facebook or @tiktok bio.

If you want to deposit or send euros (€) on Influnate, you can do so with KLARNA, PayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit and bank transfer. If you want to deposit or send dollars ($), you can use credit card or bank transfer.

Before you can withdraw your balance to a bank account of your choice, you must verify your identity via the KYC process to prevent money laundering, for example. You can pay out your balance without any minimum amount and completely free of charge for the same currency on the "Payments" page under the "Payout" button.

Classic functions such as alerts are available to you, which you can customise to your own liking. From your own GIFs and personal sounds to a text-to-speech function that makes reading unnecessary.
You can also set up your own Donation Goals to keep track of your goals with your community.
Durch unseren Direct-Donation-Link ist die Integration in dein OBS super einfach! Diesen kannst du auch auf allen anderen Plattformen teilen.

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Influnate is a tool that allows you to send and receive money via social networks.