• Community Support for All!

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    Community Support for All!

    Support the content of your stars and share your joy!

    A great picture? An awesome video? An inspiring blog? Influnate is always there, wherever you are and soon in all social networks!

    Donate how much and wherever you want. A mutual support between streamers, artists, bloggers, fans and everything in between to grow together and shape the world as we wish.

    It has never been easier to share passion.

  • Limits! Which limits?

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    Limits! Which limits?

    We do not know any, so you only need one Influnate Account for all your social network accounts.

    Currently you can find us on the following platforms:

    There will be more in the future:

  • Become the hero of your hero!

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    Become the hero of your hero!

    Mention us with a @ or /u/ in the comments section under a post you like. Choose your desired amount between 1€ and 5000€. Send money in euros and dollars.

    Note: There has to be a blank space between the mention and the amount.

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